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WCS began operations in Bangladesh in 2004 focusing on marine conservation with an emphasis on cetaceans and later sharks and rays. More recently we have engaged law enforcemen agencies to conduct more effective wildlife patrols and support efforts to combat illegal wildlife trade. WCS Bangladesh engages  political leaders and local communities through interactive outreach for creating an informed constituency for marine and terrestrial  conservation.

WCS Bangladesh conducts cutting-edge wildlife science that is the foundation of our work. We then share new knowledge with the local communities and government agencies through innovative outreach. We collaborate with governments and local communities to adopt management practices that balance the protection of willdife with the needs of local communities. WCS Bangladesh provides technical support to law enforcement agencies to ensure wildlife conservation laws are  enforced and we maintain a growing network of trained and motivated citizen scientists to support science-based and community informed marine conservation. WCS Bangladesh is a not for profit conservation and research organization registered with the Government of Bangladesh’s NGO Affairs Bureau. 

Our conservation accomplishments include leading the successful establishment of three Wildlife Sanctuaries for Freshwater Dolphins in the Sundarbans, as well as Bangladesh’s first marine protected area in Swatch-of-No-Ground submarine canyon and adjacent estuarine waters. WCS Bangladesh has provided technical guidance to the Bangladesh Forest Department in establishing SMART patrols across the Sundarbans

WCS Bangladesh’s research accomplishments include discovering the world’s largest population of Irrawaddy dolphins by an order of magnitude, large numbers of finless porpoises, genetically unique humpback and bottlenose dolphins, and a rare small form of Bryde’s whales. Through our Citizen Science and dedicated surveys we have a rich data set on coastal fisheries upon which we base our policy recommendations. 


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